Car Electric Heated Seat Cushion

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- Color: Black, Grey
- Material: Polyester
- Size: Approx. 48x96cm/18.90x37.80"
- Input Power: 12V DC
- Maximum Power Consumption: 45W±3W
- Low Power Consumption: 36W±3W
- Fuse: 7A
- Power Line: 133cm
- Seat: Single-seat version
- Simple to fit, it is held in place using an elasticated strap that goes round the back of the seat and straps that hook on underneath the seat.
- Breathable and anti-slip plaid fabric is used to increase the friction and the fixed seat cushion does not fall off.
- Safety thermostat control, 10-20 seconds to heat up, and atfer 2 minuts the temperature can be warm for seating.
- Keep your car seat warm at 40-65℃ in cold winter.
- Help relief back and waist sore and fatigu.
- 12V vehicle voltage, two temperature adjustment.
- The fuse is included and the voltage is unstable to protect the machine.
Package Included:
1 x Car Heated Seat Cushion
Heater Cover Pad DC 12V 45W for Warmer Winter